Wear It Purple Day is an annual event held on the last Friday of August in Australia, organized by the student-run, not-for-profit organization Wear It Purple. It began as a response to worldwide incidents of young LGBTQIA+ people who ended their own lives due to homophobic bullying and harassment. The events' aims include celebrating and empowering "rainbow young people".[1]


Founded by Katherine Hudson and Scott Williams, Wear It Purple Day began as a response to the suicide of Tyler Clementi, a teenager in New Jersey who took his own life after being outed at school.[4] He was the fourth teenager from the United States who had done so that week.[2] Hudson was a high school student at the time,[5] while Williams was a first-year university student.[5]


Wear It Purple Day is celebrated by wearing the color purple;[3] this color was chosen as Katherine Hudson "saw purple as a way of bringing people together from all different backgrounds and creating one thing [...] a symbol of unity".[6] During the first Wear It Purple Day, participants were encouraged to wear purple armbands; however, the act of wearing any purple, not just armbands, is encouraged, particularly bright colors.[7] In addition, other activities with a central 'purple' theme, such as bake sales and meetings, contribute to celebrating the day.[8] In recent years, the hashtag #WearItPurpleDay has become increasingly popular.[7][8]



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