Aplatonic is a term used to describe people who do not experience platonic attraction.[1][2] 'Platonic' is defined in a number of ways by a number of people, but it is most commonly employed by aplatonic people to describe either:

  • A lack of desire to form friendships with specific people
  • Difficulty forming friendships in general as a result of neurodivergency or trauma[2]


The term uses the Latin prefix a- which means 'a lack of'.[3] It was presumably coined by analogy to asexual and aromantic.


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The word aplatonic was first proposed by Mr. Shuttershy on the AVEN forum in April 2012.[1] It was seemingly also independantly coined by tumblr user aroarolibrary.[4]


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Ambiguous definitions of the word platonic, both in general and in the LGBTQIA+ communities, have caused confusion regarding the definition of the word aplatonic as well.[5]

Perceptions and discrimination

Some aplatonic people have described frustration with other people taking their lack of desire to form friendships personally. They have observed that it is seen as 'not nice' to not want to be someone's friend.[6]

Additionally, people have used the idea that they "don't have friends" as a way to attack and insult a-spec people in general.[2]


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