Hi, everyone! I'm Fruipit, an editor commonly found over on Avatar Wiki or Gone Home Wiki. If you need to reach me, the Avatar Wiki is probably the place to do it.

Who am I?

I'm just a regular editor, trying to help whatever page I land on. I am a native English speaker, however I also speak Mandarin conversationally and Polish childishly ^^; I use she/they pronouns.

I have a post-grad degree in linguistics, with a focus on "what we mean when we say something". As such, I tend to concern myself with aspects of wiki editing such as semantics, pragmatics, and idk man I just like punctuation and grammar.

Contact me

On this wiki

  • My sandbox pages
  • Handy templates that I refer to a lot:
    • Imagebox, a template I made to add structure to image files (a pet project of mine :) ). It makes it easier to add the sourcing and licensing
    • MessageBox, used for making notices and alerts colourful (includes the site logo and a rainbow banner!)