Trigender is a non-binary gender identity that describes a person who experiences three distinct genders. These genders can be binary or non-binary, and an individual may or may not be fluid between them. Trigender may also relate to the concept of a "third gender" which is not male, female, or between the two.[1]

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The exact origin of the term "trigender" is unknown, but it has been mentioned as early as 1998.[2] The prefix tri- means three, so "trigender" literally means "three gender".



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The flag was created by an unknown individual on or before July 4, 2015, and uploaded by DeviantArt user Pride-Flags.[3] The meaning of the colors is unknown, but it is thought that pink represents feminine genders, purple represents masculine genders, and green represents neutral or non-binary genders.

Perceptions and discrimination

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