Transfeminine,[1][2] also known as transfem[3] or transfemme, refers to someone who is transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming[2] and whose gender is mostly feminine, whether in identity,[1][2] expression, or both. Another definition specifies this term as one used by people who were assigned male at birth (AMAB).[1][3] A transfeminine person may or may not use the labels trans and femme[2] or label themselves female.[1] It can be a standalone identity term[1][2] or an umbrella term that may include certain identities,[1][3] such as:

  • Trans women[1][3]
  • Multigender[1] or non-binary people who feel their gender is more feminine than anything else[1][3]
  • Genderfluid people whose gender is predominantly feminine,[1][3] feminine all of the time, or feminine some of the time[3]
  • Demigirls,[1][3] defined as someone who partially identifies as a girl, woman, or feminine[3]
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The term "transfeminine" may or may not have been coined by Jane Nance in 1985 in the article "TRANSFEMININE!!!", which was published in the journal The TV-TS Tapestry. Nance described being assigned male at birth and having a feminine identity, not a "basic male self-identity". However, the existing "transvestite" and "transsexual" terminology of the time was inadequate and did not account for not feeling like "a male dressing in women's clothes" when presenting as a woman, having a self-image as a woman, but lacking an interest in surgical transition. Nance wondered, "Do we need another term or category to cover my particular reality? Maybe! Could it be 'transfeminine' (a male who feels like a female, strictly undefined in relation to any issue of an operation) - perhaps!"[4]




An alternative transfeminine flag design

The transfeminine flag was made available online as early as July 4, 2015. It has blue stripes at the top and bottom, and various shades of pink for the inner stripes. However, its creator and exact meanings are unknown.[5] Other transfeminine flag designs are available online, such as the one shown here composed of only pink stripes.[6]


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