Example usage
| image         = 
| caption       = 
| altname       = 
| term          = 
| spectrum      = 
| gender        = 
| attracted     = 
| attractedtype = 
| romance       = 
| sexuality     = 
| different     = 
  • The infobox will automatically show the name of the page. If you wish to display a different name, add the | title = parameter.
  1. image: Should be the flag or another immediately identifiable image regarding the article's topic.
  2. caption: Can be used to briefly describe the image. Can be left blank.
  3. altname: In case the article's topic is known under multiple names, list them here. Differentiate between the terms by using a comma.
    E.g.: Non-binary, enby, NB
  4. term: Indicate whether the topic of the page is a Gender identity, Gender expression, Romantic orientation (case sensitive), or Sexual orientation (case sensitive) / Sexuality (either term, not both). This will automatically place the page in the corresponding category.
  5. spectrum: If the topic of the page is a more specific term in a larger spectrum or umbrella term, list what it's apart of.
  6. gender: For identifier(s) associated with gender(s), indicates the gender(s) of the people who have the identifier(s). Differentiate between multiple genders by using a new line and an asterisk.
    * Any
    * Men
    * Women
    * Non-binary
  7. attracted: For sexualities, this indicates the gender(s) that the identifier is attracted to.
    E.g.: All, two or more, men, women, etc.
  8. attractedtype: For sexualities, this indicates the types of attraction that may be felt by people with the identifier. Differentiate between the types by using a comma.
    E.g. Romantically, aesthetically, and/or platonically
  9. romance: For sexualities, this highlights the affiliated romanticism that is related to the sexuality.
  10. sexuality: For romantic orientations, this highlights the affiliated sexuality that is related to the orientation.
  11. different: This highlights the identities that are similar to but different from the topic of the page, or that may be confused for the topic.
    E.g. Pansexual on the page Bisexual, Pangender on the page Pansexual
Sample output
| image         = [[File:Site-logo.png]]
| caption       = Test
| altname       = Test, test
| term          = Test
| spectrum      = * Test
                  * Test
| gender        = * Test
                  * Test
| attracted     = Test
| attractedtype = Test
| romance       = Test
| sexuality     = Test
| different     = Test