Questioning is a term used to describe individuals who are exploring, learning, or experimenting with their sexual or romantic orientation, or gender identity. The letter "Q" in the LGBTQIA+ acronym can sometimes stand for both "Queer" and "Questioning".[1]

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One specific questioning label is bicurious, someone who is exploring whether or not they are bisexual (attracted to people of the same gender and to people of other genders).[2] They may currently identify as heterosexual and be interested in exploring a same-sex queer relationship, or identify as homosexual and be curious about a heterosexual one.[3]


One common flag design used to represent questioning as an identity, shown in the infobox of this article, was posted online on June 12, 2017. Any specific symbolism behind the actual design, as well as the creator of the design itself, are unknown.[4][5]

Perceptions and discrimination[]

A common phrase used to diminish the feelings of LGBTQIA+ young people "it's a phase"; in particular, it is often used to describe individuals who are experimenting or questioning their identity or orientation.[6] As a result, people who are questioning may be excluded from the LGBTQIA+ community, or may feel as though they do not fit into the community, despite knowing that they are not cisgender heterosexual.[7]



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