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Panromantic is a term used to describe people who are capable of feeling a romantic attraction toward people regardless of their sex or gender identity. The sexual equivalent of this is pansexual.[1][2]


"Panromantic" is derived from the Greek prefix pan-, meaning "all" or "every".[3]


Pansexual & Panromantic Awareness Day is internationally celebrated on May 24.[4]


One panromantic pride flag design, which was created by Mod Hermy of the DeviantArt account Pride-Flags, depicts a striped heart in the pansexual flag colors (magenta, yellow, and blue) that is centered within lightened versions of the stripes.[5]



While both pansexuality and panromanticism entail the attraction to all people regardless of gender, the main difference between the two is that pansexuality means having sexual attraction to all genders, whereas panromanticism means having romantic attraction to all genders. Panromantic people may or may not experience sexual attraction for the genders they are romantically interested in. Because romantic and sexual attraction are not necessarily correlated, it is not necessary for someone to be pansexual in order to be panromantic and vice versa.[1][2]


Biromantic and panromantic are similar orientations but have nuanced differences. Panromantics are romantically attracted to people of all genders and gender does not play a role in the attraction, while biromantics are romantically attracted to any two or more genders. Furthermore, biromantics may only want to form a romantic relationship with certain genders, while panromantics are open to people regardless of gender.[6]


Though romantically attracted to many genders, polyromantic people do not necessarily experience attraction to all genders. Panromantic people, however, do.[7]


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