Omnisexuality is the sexual attraction to people of all sexes and gender identities, wherein gender plays a role in one's attraction. This could be a preference or a recognition, and the attraction may feel different depending on the gender or sex.[1] Some omnisexual individuals may be more attracted to certain genders, but that is not always the case.[2]


The term "omnisexual" is derived from the Latin prefix omni-, meaning "all" or "universally".[3]


Omnisexual Awareness Day is said to be observed on July 6th.[4] However, some sources may cite the same date for Omnisexual and Omniromantic Pride and Visibility Day instead.[5][6]


The omnisexual flag was designed by Pastelmemer around July 4, 2015. The flag consists of five horizontal stripes with the following hexadecimal color codes from top to bottom: #fc9ccc, #fc54bc, #240444, #645cfc, #8ca4fc.[7] The colors represent the wide spectrum of sexual attraction, with the pink and blue shades symbolizing attraction to femininity and women, and masculinity and men, respectively. The dark purple stripe in the middle represents attraction to all other genders that are outside of the gender binary.[2]



While pansexuality and omnisexuality are similar in the sense that both sexual orientations are attracted to all genders, the main difference lies in the recognition of gender. Pansexual individuals are often described as "gender-blind" because they may be attracted to people regardless of gender, whereas omnisexual individuals typically recognize the gender of those they are interested in, allowing it to play a part in their attraction.[1]


Bisexuality, derived from the prefix "bi-", refers to the sexual attraction to two or more genders, while omnisexuality, derived from the prefix "omni-", represents the sexual attraction to people of all genders. Although there are nuanced differences, individuals who are attracted to all genders may still identify as bisexual.[8]


Omnisexuality and polysexuality share similarities in that both describe sexual attraction to multiple genders, often with gender playing a factor in that attraction. However, polysexual individuals may not necessarily experience attraction to all genders, while omnisexual individuals do.[9]

Perceptions and discrimination[]

Due to its relatively lesser-known status, omnisexuality can be misunderstood or dismissed. Some individuals may perceive omnisexual people as "crazy" or mock their sexual orientation, labeling it as "fake." However, it is important to recognize that there are numerous sexualities beyond the commonly established ones. Omnisexual individuals may face confusion or misidentification, often being mistaken for pansexual or bisexual individuals. This pressure to conform to more widely recognized labels can lead to a lack of understanding and acceptance. It is crucial to approach individuals with lesser-known sexualities with understanding, listening to their experiences, and accepting them for who they are.[1][2]




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