Neutrois is a non-binary gender identity described as being a neutral or null gender.[1] It is considered part of the genderqueer, non-binary, and transgender umbrellas.[2][3]

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Neutrois had limited usage prior to 2009;[4] however, it has been suggested that the word was coined as early as 1995 by Holly A. Burnham and derived from the Latin root neuter and French trois, meaning "three".[5][6] It was included under the definition of "transgender" in the 2005 book Just Add Hormones: An Insider's Guide to the Transsexual Experience.[7] The plural form of neutrois is the same as the singular.[5]


People who identify with the neutrois label often feel limited by expectations related to the gender assigned to them at birth. They may feel disconnected or uncomfortable being viewed or treated as a "man" or a "woman". Neutrois may be a good fit for someone who does not feel "masculine" or "feminine" and feels like their gender is neutral.[3]


In 1995, an individual known as Holly A. Burnham coined the term "neutrois" to describe hirself as a nongendered class, and other people with feelings of gender absence and resulting misalignment; however, the first dated use of it occurred in a Usenet thread on the newsgroup in 1996.[8][3] In February 2014, Facebook included Neutrois as one of the 50 identity options available.[9]



Agender refers to someone who does not have a gender or is genderless. Some individuals who are neutrois also use the agender term; some do not.[3] Agender and neutrois both involve gender neutrality, but neutrois has a stronger emphasis on such.[10]


If there has been a specific variety of this identity-phobic discourse that has led to discrediting it please detail that here. If there have been similar -phobic discourses around popular flags, it can also be documented in this section.

Perceptions and discrimination[]

This section focuses more on the specific kinds of discrimination and oppression that these people may face. Examples would be mentioning systematic transphobia and non-binary erasure on the page for agender, mentioning rates of mental health issues in this group, etc.


  • Neutrois - a resource for anyone who is or thinks they may be neutrois, agender, or genderless.


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