Maverique is an emerging term.
Maverique is a term that has recently emerged. Although the term may be growing in usage, and is significant and well-sourced enough to warrant inclusion on this wiki, it may still be relatively unknown outside of the platform or community where it originated. The exact definition and name may not have stabilized, and may change significantly as more people identify with it.

Maverique is a gender identity characterized by having an autonomous self that exists independently of the gender binary (man/male/masculinity and woman/female/femininity), along with anything derived from those genders,[1][2] but is not of a neutral gender. Someone who is maverique possesses a distinct gender rather than being without one. Maverique is part of the non-binary umbrella[2] and is a standalone gender label rather than being an umbrella term itself.[1]


Maverique is a combination of the word "maverick" and the French suffix "-ique".[3] Maverick as a noun means: "A person who shows independence of thought and action, especially by refusing to adhere to the policies of a group to which he or she belongs", and as an adjective: "Characterized by or displaying independence of thought and action".[4] The suffix "-ique" is used to form adjectives from nouns.[5] Maverique can be used as both a noun and an adjective.[3] The intended pronunciation is "mav-REEK," making it rhyme with words like "antique",[2] but it can also be pronounced "mav-uh-REEK".[3] Maverique was first defined by Vesper H. on June 1, 2014,[6] and further refined by June 21 of the same year.[2]



The annual Gender Census is an online, international survey of people who do not strictly identify with the gender binary. The respondents whose identifiers included or contained "maverique":

  • 2018: 0.50% of respondents (56 out of 11,278)[7]
  • 2019: 0.6% of respondents (68 out of 11,242)[8]
  • 2020: 0.48% of respondents (101 out of 24,576)[9]
  • 2021: 0.39% of respondents (173 out of 44,583)[10]
  • 2022: 0.3% of respondents (129 out of 39,765)[11]
  • 2023: 0.3% of respondents (122 out of 40,375)[12]


The maverique flag was designed by Vesper H. on June 15, 2014. The color meanings are as follows:[13]

  • Yellow: "Primary/elementary gender; non-binary gender". Yellow was chosen because of its association with non-binary gender and because it is a primary color, which means that it cannot be obtained from combining other colors and is independent of them, similar to maverique's relationship to female/femininity and male/masculinity.[13]
  • White: Autonomy and independence from the spectrum of colors/genders, especially from the gender binary. White is also symbolic of maverique being based upon a blank gender state.[13]
  • Orange: Inner conviction in regard to one's own gender, and an unorthodox and individualistic nature.[13]



Both agender and maverique are gender identities that are separate from the binary genders. However, agender is usually defined as having no gender at all, while maverique is its own particular feeling of gender.[1]


Aporagender is a gender identity that is separate from man, woman, and anything in between. Both aporagender and maverique were coined around the same time by different people, however they are still each their own distinct identity. One of the big differences is that aporagender can be used as an umbrella term for various identities, as well as a standalone gender. Meanwhile, maverique is a unique gender of its own, separate from aporagender. Hence, some people may identify as both terms.[1]


Neutrois is sometimes confused with maverique, since both are genders that are distinct from the binary genders. However, neutrois is a gender identity that is typically described as being neutral or null, especially in relation to the binary genders. In comparison, maverique was specifically created by Vesper H. because the gender neutrality aspect of neutrois did not fit with how their gender felt to themselves.[1]


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