The following Blog Guidelines are in effect for the Blogs aspect of this wiki. Please periodically check these guidelines as they may be updated by admins or moderators as needed. If you have any questions or concerns about these guidelines, please contact an active admin.

The Code of Conduct policy is in effect throughout Blogs. Posts and responses that violate the Code of Conduct will be locked, deleted, or both. Repeatedly violating the Code of Conduct will result in a ban.

The LGBTQIA+ wiki team reserves the right to delete, move, and edit your blogs as needed. If you believe this has been done unjustly, please contact the team member personally. Additionally, team members must leave an explanation of some kind in the edit summary.

Many of our Blog Guidelines revolve around common sense. This means some of our rules aren't explicitly documented here, because they are universally understood to be bad. If a team member identifies behavior that is unacceptable, they are within their right to intervene through whatever means needed even if the violation isn't explicitly documented.

About blogs

According to Community Central, blogs on Fandom are pages written by one person that can be commented on and organized into a listing, like a typical blog found elsewhere on the internet. They are in the "User blog" namespace and can only be edited by the user who created it, or an administrator.

Your blog can be found on your user page on any wiki with the Blogs feature enabled.

Blogs are meant to promote discussion about the topic of a wiki. The LGBTQIA+ wiki chooses to have a majority of its social interaction on Discussions. Several topics are covered in Discussions, so please check there before creating a blog.

Acceptable blog content

  • Wiki-wide announcements made by team members. These are usually going to be Fandom projects or Fandom-based announcements by our Wiki Representative, Lady Lostris.
  • Your personal beliefs and feelings about LGBTQIA+ discourse and/or events. These types of posts need to tow a line carefully, as we do not allow rants or posts designed to "put down" or "debate" the validity of the community or its members.
  • Guides written by community members that are designed to help others. For example, Birdkiller's well thought out and articulated "Choosing A Name" and "Coming Out Tips" posts.
  • Overall explanations or detailed thoughts about real-world legislation or policies.

Unacceptable blog content

There are restrictions on what we allow on blogs. Despite what the name suggests, "blogs" here on the LGBTQIA+ wiki are not meant to be used as an online journal or an alternative to social media. Please know that we have no control over this social aspect being titled a "blog" and we ask that all blog entries be either informative, insightful, or reflective.

  • Discussions topics don't need to be covered in Blog posts. Popular Discussions topics include but are not limited too:
    • User introductions, wiki editing (includes questions about editing), identity questions, wiki suggestions, cute animals, and user art.
  • Using blog posts used to "coin" new terms is not permitted. You may document emerging terms, but not coin new ones.
  • Blog posts are not meant to be your personal diary or journal. Please do not use them as such. This means random vents, ranting about your personal life, or recaps of your day. These are not allowed and may be deleted at the discretion of the wiki team.