Graygender, also sometimes spelled as greygender, and sometimes referred to as gray agender or grey agender, is a gender identity that describes a feeling of ambivalence towards one's gender. It can also be defined as an identity in which a person feels a weak connection to gender in general.[1][2][3][4][5]


The use of "gray-" in graygender is intended to be similar to the use of the suffix for graysexual. Instead of feeling a weak attraction as with graysexual, a person who is graygender would instead feel a weak connection to gender.[1]



The term graygender was first coined by Tumblr user invernom, on March 20th, 2014.[1]


The flag for this identity was designed by Pride-Flags on DeviantArt, on August 23, 2015.[6] The meanings for the graygender flag's colors are as follows:

  • Grey: Spectrum of experiences under this identity[6]
  • Blue: Graygender as an identity and experience, comparing it to deep ocean waters[6]
  • White: Purity and validity of graygender people and their unique experiences[6]



Main article: Agender

Agender can sometimes be confused with graygender, but they are distinct in their own ways. Agender is typically defined as having no gender at all. Graygender is about having a weak connection to gender, or otherwise not caring about one's own gender.[4]


Main article: Asexual spectrum#Graysexual

Both graygender and graysexual share the same prefix, but they are two different types of terms. Graysexual is a sexual orientation, in comparison to greygender which is a gender identity. A graysexual person is someone who experiences a very weak sense of sexual attraction, or may only feel it on very rare occasions.[4]


Main article: Aromantic spectrum#Grayromantic

Similar to the difference between graygender and graysexual, grayromantic is a romantic orientation instead of a gender like graygender. It simply shares the same prefix as graygender and graysexual, and is defined as a weak or rare sense of romantic attraction.[4]


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