Genderfuck, also known as genderpunk[1], can describe a gender identity and/or gender expression where gendered expectations are deliberately played with to combine gender-specific signals.[2][3] The act of engaging in this identity or expression is sometimes referred to as genderfucking.[4][5] Individuals who genderfuck are sometimes referred to as genderfucks or genderfuckers.[5][6]

Genderfuck people are considered under the umbrella terms gender non-conforming and transgender, but not all identify with those terms. Some genderfuck people transition socially, physically, and/or legally. Individual drag performers may or may not additionally identify as genderfucks.[2] In the 2020 Gender Census, 42 people described their identity as "genderfuck," 17 described their identity as "genderpunk," 11 described their identity as "genderfucked," and 3 described their identity as "genderfucker."[6]

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Genderfuck is a form of identity politics that stems from the political movement in the 1950s and 1960s, when "the personal is political" became popular.[7]

The term Genderfuck appears as early as 1972. In 1974, it was explained when gay activist and artist Christopher Lonc used the term in a Gay Sunshine article he titled "Genderfuck and Its Delights". He wanted to encourage more men to wear drag. The term became closely associated with drag culture.[8][9] Jesse Shiedlower cited a definition for gender fuck in Laud Humprey's 1972 research novel, Out of the Closets: Sociology of Homosexual Liberation. Jesse described the term as "a form of extended guerilla theatre.[10]


The genderfuck flag, originally created by yo-ho-sebastian on Tumblr.

There is no widely accepted genderfuck or genderpunk flag, but several have been proposed. The two most prominent flags are the genderfuck flag by yo-ho-sebastian and the genderpunk flag. The genderfuck flag by yo-ho-sebastian is largely confined to the internet, whereas the genderpunk flag has been used in physical merchandise by many people, especially on Etsy and Redbubble.[source?]

The genderfuck flag was designed by an agender person named Jasper, who at the time was known as yo-ho-sebastian on Tumblr.[11] Purple combines pink and blue, the traditional colors for girls and boys. Yellow represents the opposite of purple, including neither feminine nor masculine elements and completely rejecting and existing outside the gender binary. Purple and yellow complement each other to represent those whose identities combine both of these experiences. The skull represents the rebellious and gender non-conforming nature of this identity.[11] This flag was designed as late as July 29, 2016.[12]

The genderpunk flag

The genderpunk flag was designed by an unknown individual as late as April 23, 2015.[13] The color meanings are unknown.


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  • Sir Honey Davenport - RuPaul's Drag Race


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