Boi is a term with multiple meanings that depend on context. In an LGBTQIA+ context, boi is usually defined as a young and masculine queer woman of color. It is thus often treated as a culture-specific identity.[1][2]

There are many other definitions for boi that are specific to the LGBTQIA+ community, such as:

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Boi is an alternative spelling of the word "boy" that can be traced back to its usage as African American Vernacular English (AAVE) in Black communities in the 1990s. As an AAVE term, boi was pronounced as "boy-ee" or "bou-oy", but as an identity, it is often pronounced the same as "boy".[2]

The first major recorded use of boi as a non-LGBTQIA+ term was in 1992, and was attributed to a rapper named Big Boi. From there, boi was adopted by skateboard culture around the same time, specifically as a counterculture identity rather than an LGBTQIA+ identity.[2]

Shortly after that point, boi was used by the gay community to refer to a young and attractive gay man; at the same time, it was being used to refer to young masculine women. The online crowd-sourced Urban Dictionary had "young butch lesbian" as the dominant definition of boi from 2003 until 2016.[2] The latter definition is considered the most common definition for boi, in addition to being specifically for women of color, at least in an LGBTQIA+ context.[1][2]



Stud is another culture-specific identity that is specifically meant for Black masculine lesbians.[7][8][9] There is overlap here with boi, which is usually defined as a woman of color who is young, masculine, and queer in some fashion.[1][2] Thus, while both terms are culture-specific identities, boi can be seen as a slightly broader term than stud, at least in terms of who can use the label for themselves.


Given that boi started as a term in Black communities and is now used as a label in queer communities, there have been many controversies over it being misappropriated as it expanded into mainstream usage. In particular, some racists have misused boi for anti-Black and otherwise bigoted messages online.[2]


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