Birdkiller Birdkiller 16 June

Coming Out Tips

Coming out is a very individual choice and process. You do not have to come out if you don't want to and you do not have to come out immediately if you're not ready. Coming out can also be very different based on identity. Coming out as gay comes with different challenges than coming out as trans. Some people may be more receptive to some identities rather than others, potentially out of ignorance. Since many people on this wiki are children, this will be targeted towards younger ages. If there's any questions you have or anything you'd like me to add, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

  • 1 Safety
  • 2 Readiness
  • 3 Order
  • 4 Method
  • 5 Timing
  • 6 Self-care

First, you should never come out if it is unsafe, such as if you'll be kicked out, cut off financially, abused…

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DragonianGirl DragonianGirl 10 May

About Otherkin, and my POV with it

I want to talk about otherkin, as well as my current experience with it (as limited as it is, so far).

For those who don't know what otherkin is, this is the simplest current definition: an individual who's inner identity relates to or embodies that of an animal (usually).

  • 1 Backstory (on my part)
  • 2 My Thoughts on Otherkin
  • 3 How I'd Define "Soul"
  • 4 Finishing Thoughts and POV
    • 4.1 "If you're a dragon, then why don't you act like one?"
    • 4.2 "What's it like being a dragon living in a human body?"
    • 4.3 Others? Like me?

Now, before I actually talk more about my thoughts and POV, let me throw in a little bit of my own backstory (you can skip it if you want, it only adds to how my experience developed).

Quite recently (almost a month ago), I figured out why I always fe…

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DragonMarquise DragonMarquise 24 April

Common Xenogender Categories and Identities

I'm making this blog post as a sort of introduction to more specific xenogender identities. Here I will explain some broad categories/umbrella terms for xenogenders, and then go over a few of the most common xenogenders. Granted, these will be "most common" based off my own experiences and observations. So obviously this won't be covering every possible xenogender, this is intended as more of an introduction than anything. Honestly, I think it might be worthwhile to run a survey specifically for xenogenders, but I'll go over that idea at the end of this post.

My hope is that, at some point in the future, there'll be enough research and published information out there that we could put a "Examples of Xenogender Identities" on this wiki's xenog…

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Ghosturtle Ghosturtle 20 April

Transphobia in dating preferences

This topic has been up for some debate for a while, and there doesn't yet seem to be a sound conclusion. So, I would like to give my thoughts on this as a transgender person with a transgender girlfriend. This is a touchy subject, so I'm going to handle it with as much care as possible to avoid my words being minced. It's time to answer the age-old (just kidding; it's relatively recent) question of: "Is it transphobic not to date a trans person?"

Short answer: it depends. But you didn't come here for a short answer. We're going to take a deep dive into transphobia and transphobic biases in dating preferences. Take care to fasten your seatbelts, because I have a feeling this is going to be a long one.

  • 1 Disclaimer
  • 2 When do preferences become tr…

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Peren Liadon Peren Liadon 8 April

First Blog

Hello! I do not expect a lot of people to read this, if at all. But hi! I am Nate and I am on the aroace spectrum. But I’m also Bi. Yeah. Bi aroace. This is my first post so I’ll keep it short, but it’s cool to be a part of this community!

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Ghosturtle Ghosturtle 27 March

Gender modality

Gender modality describes the relation of one's gender identity to one's gender assigned at birth.

Gender identity refers to the gender one identifies as. This differs from gender modality, which is terminology used to describe one's gender in relation to their birth assignment. Two people may have the same gender identity, yet have different gender modalities. For example, a cisgender woman and a transgender woman both have the same gender identity (woman), but have differing gender modalities (cisgender and transgender).

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Birdkiller Birdkiller 27 March

Gender Euphoria

Let's start off with a definition. Gender euphoria is the opposite of gender dysphoria. Euphoria is "the strong feeling of joy when one’s gender is being respected and affirmed, whether through outward presentation that is being read correctly, through representation, or through inward acceptance of one’s own gender. Like dysphoria, it can come in many forms."

I think gender euphoria is not talked about enough. While dysphoria is important, it can be helpful to focus on positive aspects of transitioning or being trans, which can even help with dysphoria. I personally experience both dysphoria and euphoria and try to practice body neutrality. Whenever I feel dysphoric, I try to think of one thing which will make me feel euphoria. Because I t…

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DragonMarquise DragonMarquise 26 March

An Informal Discussion on the Agender Spectrum

Disclaimer that I do have a sandboxed article in development for the agender spectrum, but that's hit a roadblock due to lack of recognition outside of social media. Even when I do find something, it's grouped with the ace and aro spectra, and usually one of the other two gets talked about more, unfortunately.

This isn't intended to be a replacement source or anything, this is more me venting about how little recognition the agender spectrum gets by itself, even though it gets mentioned a lot alongside acespec and arospec. Also just going over concepts and ideas about the agender spectrum, to let people know what I'm trying to look for.

Suffice to say, I won't be putting too many links or sources here. This is a very informal discussion. Anyt…

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DragonMarquise DragonMarquise 25 March

Other Interesting Identities in the LGBTQIA+ Community

This little blog post is to help showcase identities in the LGBTQIA+ community that may not exactly have enough info or usage to warrant a full page, but for one reason or another they mean a lot to me and/or my friends. There could be enough sources to have them be subsections in existing pages, but that will have to take some extra research. Plus, who knows, maybe this will help people figure things out about themselves!

To help prevent hosting images on this wiki that probably won't be used in an article anytime soon, I won't upload any flags mentioned here. However, I will be making sure to provide sources, and especially archive links. Probably won't put them in the formal cite templates, just links. So if an identity interests you, pl…

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Ghosturtle Ghosturtle 23 March

Queer gender alignment

Queer gender alignments are gender alignments specifically tied to queerness and/or non-conformity. This is not a specific gender alignment system, but is intended to be an expansion upon currently existing gender alignment terms (such as man-aligned or feminine-aligned). These terms can be used to describe identities, people, or general terminology.

  • 1 Queer-aligned
    • 1.1 Gender identity
    • 1.2 Terminology
    • 1.3 Distinction
      • 1.3.1 Gender non-conforming
  • 2 Notes
  • 3 References

Queer-aligned gender identities include any gender identity that is influenced by one's queerness and/or non-conformity, or any gender experience that aligns with queerness and/or non-conformity. This is a useful term for individuals who cannot define or describe their gender in traditional ter…

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Ghosturtle Ghosturtle 22 March

I know some people are concerned about the ocean vincian flag, so...

TLDR: The rumors about the flag/its creator being transphobic, enbyphobic, transmedicalist, lesbophobic, racist, exclusionist, sexist, etc. are all false. Please don't spread rumors.

The flag is known by many names, and has no official title, They do not engage in lesbian discourse because they feel it is not their place and want to be respectful towards the lesbian community.

Please do not spread these rumors, even if you're doing it "just in case they're true." It harms more people than it helps. If there's anything I missed or neglected to mention, please let me know!

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S0laroidd S0laroidd 1 March

smth i hate …

its abt neopronouns and nounself pronouns or mainly just any pronouns. people telling someone their pronouns and that person still uses different pronouns on that person is not ok. (example if u dont get it vv)

person 1: "uhm … my pronouns are he/it/pup !!" person 2: "oh okay." 'next time' person 2: "oh yea, she went over there." *talking bout this happens to people and i hate when people misgender others. especially when people use nounself pronouns, (and just nonself pronouns) other people may say 'they arnot real' 'you cant use those' 'cat/catself ? thats stupid. xD'

and most people who are xenogenders may use nounself pronouns. like me, im catgender and use cat releated pronouns. but anyone can use nounself pronouns.

please dont misgender…

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ForgottxnThoughts ForgottxnThoughts 22 February

Name Change??

Hey everyone! I'm transgender (ftm) and I'm thinking about changing my name. I finally found a name I really connected with but idk... it doesn't really sound very good with my last name. The name I'm thinking of is "Cruz" (or a different way of spelling it) but my last name is Olanda... Cruz Olanda?? It doesn't really sound good does it? What should I do?

Side note: If this is out of guidelines or something just let me know because I really have no idea what I'm doing lmao /gen

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BloomPupz BloomPupz 21 February


  • 1 Note
  • 2 Egogender
    • 2.1 Distinction
      • 2.1.1 Genderless
      • 2.1.2 Unlabeled
    • 2.2 Controversy
    • 2.3 Perceptions and discrimination
  • 3 References

This identity can now be found on the MOGAI article. This blog post remains as a page specifically/exclusively for the egogender identity.

- Bloom (they/them)

Egogender is a gender identity in which one one identifies simply as oneself, or as a gender which is exclusive to them. The flag was made per the request of an anonymous Tumblr user. The stripe meanings are as follows:

  • Purple: Individuality
  • Blue: Peace and understanding
  • Yellow: Clarity

Egogender individuals may be assumed to be inherently genderless. However, while some egogender individuals may consider themselves to be genderless, this is not always the case. An egogender indi…

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