Aporagender is both a specific gender identity and an umbrella term for being a non-binary gender separate from man, woman, or anything in between, while still having a strong and specific gendered feeling.[1][2]


Aporagender derives from the Greek apo-, which means 'separate'.[3]



The original moderator of the Aporagender blog on tumblr coined the word aporagender in 2014. The person who coined the word "aporagender" made it as an alternative to aliagender, due to concerns that aliagender might be "racist or appropriative."[4]


Aporagender flag

Hyaenahart designed the aporagender pride flag. The pink, blue and purple lines represent feminine, masculine, and androgynous genders and are to the sides to symbolize how the centered yellow line (representing gender outside those bounds) is distinct from such genders but still connected through being a gender.[4]



Agender means not having a sense of gender or viewing themselves as “without gender”, while aporagender means having a strong sense of gender, just different from male or female.[5]


Maverique is a gender identity that expresses a present feeling of gender that is not female, male, neutral, or any other identities derived from them.[5] Maverique and aporagender were coined at almost the exact same time by different people, and while they do share some similarities, they are each their own distinct identity. Aside from having a distinct community, the biggest difference between them is that aporagender can be used as an umbrella term to refer to various genders, while maverique is specifically a distinct gender of its own. Despite these differences, some people may identify as both terms.[1]


Although similar, aporagender is not neutrois. Neutrois is feeling no inner sense of gender expression; furthermore, aporagender people do not think they are gender-neutral, as some neutrois describe themselves.[6] Many aporagender people feel that neutrois implies a connection or commentary on the gender binary, which they feel no connection to.[1]


Although non-binary is an umbrella term that encompasses aporagenders, aporagenders are distinct from other non-binary identities in that they feel very a strong sense of gender.[1]