Allosexual is an emerging term.
Allosexual is a term that has recently emerged. Although the term may be growing in usage, and is significant and well-sourced enough to warrant inclusion on this wiki, it may still be relatively unknown outside of the platform or community where it originated. The exact definition and name may not have stabilized, and may change significantly as more people identify with it.

Allosexual, sometimes called zedsexual,[1] is an umbrella term for people who are not asexual. Allosexual people regularly experience sexual attraction to others, whether or not they engage in sexual activity. It is possible to be allosexual but not alloromantic and vice versa. This term is not gender-specific[2] and is typically used as a descriptor rather than a label that people identify as.[1]

The term "allosexual" is used in LGBTQIA+ discourse to make clear that not being asexual does not make someone "normal" or the default state; sexuality is not a matter of being either asexual or "normal".[1][3] However, the specific word has been criticized on semantic grounds and for possibly being rooted in clinical sexology, which has a history of erasing and oppressing asexual and aromantic people. "Zedsexual" has been used to emphasize sexuality as a spectrum from A to Z(ed).[1]

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