Abrosexual is an emerging term.
Abrosexual is a term that has recently emerged. Although the term may be growing in usage, and is significant and well-sourced enough to warrant inclusion on this wiki, it may still be relatively unknown outside of the platform or community where it originated. The exact definition and name may not have stabilized, and may change significantly as more people identify with it.

Abrosexual individuals experience their sexual orientation as fluid and/or changing over time. Although other kinds of fluidity may involve changes in the genders one is attracted to, abrosexuality involves one's entire orientation changing over time. The intensity of their attractions may change as well.[1] There is no set schedule experienced by all abrosexual individuals; it may fluctuate between hours, days, weeks, months, or even years for their orientations to change. Some abrosexual individuals do have their own fixed patterns or schedules, but not all. Some may be fluid between a few orientations, while others are fluid between several.[2]

Because abrosexual individuals can sometimes be asexual, abrosexuality can fall under the asexual spectrum. It can also fall under the multisexual spectrum, which includes individuals who are romantically or sexually attracted to multiple genders.[2]

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The prefix "abro-" comes from the Greek habrós, meaning "graceful" or "delicate".[3][4] This symbolizes the movement and changing nature of people who are abrosexual.[5]


Abrosexual pride day is July 2nd.[6]


According to several online sources, Mod Chad created the abrosexual flag in 2015 following an anonymous Tumblr user's request to represent their sexuality with the "typical five color flags that fades from #46D294 to white to #EE1766." However, both the term and the flag are also thought to have originated in 2013 on DeviantArt, which later gained traction on Tumblr.[7][2][8]

The meaning behind the flag's colors is unknown, but people have speculated that green represents a queer attraction, the fade to white is for the in-between stage of attraction shifting, and pink is for the actual shift itself. Furthermore, the colors match that of a watermelon, which could be a fun pun on the fluidity of the orientation.[8]



Pansexual refers to one who experiences attraction to all genders, typically without gender playing a role in their attraction. Abrosexuality is different from pansexuality because of its changing nature. An individual who is abrosexual may, at times, be pansexual, but at other times they may (for example) be heterosexual or asexual. Their sexual orientation is in flux. Individuals who are pansexual are attracted to all people, no matter their gender or sexuality.[5]

Perceptions and Discrimination[]

When abrosexual individuals come out, they are often expected to prove that their sexuality, experience of oppression, gender, and love is genuine and authentic rather than just a "phase".[6]


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